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The pulse of New Hampshire business

Business New Hampshire Magazine
Since January 1, 2008
Redesigned October 1, 2012

Problem: Business NH Magazine did not have the ability to sell events and subscriptions online, and no ability to sell back issues or manage the content of their site.

Solution: We converted their existing design and added eCommerce so they could sell event tickets and subscriptions as well as back issues. They also can update all of their content to match their printed publication, keeping the site fresh and interesting to their readers.

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Special gifts for a special someone

The Paper Store
Since June 22, 2006

Problem: Had a very busy site, but very little functionality with no ability to keep their site up to date at the level they wanted.

Solution: With new products being added regularly and new stores opening as well, The Paper Store wanted a modern look, links to all of their store locations, a map and hours listing, visual calendars to show upcoming in-store events, and the ability to promote their products and services online. Our Freedom solution accomplished all that and more. Their in-house marketing staff loves being able to upload the latest products, copies of print ads with a flair and the ability to send a large number of customers emails with information about the latest promotions.

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New Hampshire’s Preferred Insurance Agent

Eaton & Berube Insurance
Since January 15, 2004
Redesigned December 2010

Problem: A local, full service insurance agency with a tired look and no formal plan for Internet marketing to develop new leads or promote their special areas of expertise such as, horses, farms and the farming business.

Solution: Their site was given a clean, fresh look with a clear and crisp navigation scheme for ease of use. Each of their major product lines will now be represented by a corresponding micro site. Major SEO improvements are still being made to their home site as well as the new micro sites to give them more exposure on the web.

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Have a meal and take a tour of the Sesuit harbor!

Sesuit Harbor Cafe
Since Feburary 2011

Problem: Customer wanted a design that reflected the beauty of the Harbor and would attract catering business

Solution: We created a responsive design using rotating images of Sesuit Harbor as the background and a custom photo album to showcase their catering functions.

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A First In the Nation Freedom Forum

We The People Freedom Forum
Since April 2011

Problem: Customer needed a political website where she could post blogs and announce upcoming political events

Solution: We created a website design reminescent of the Constitution with the Freedom Content Management system as the website's driving force.  She can now blog, send out large email campaigns, and create events all from her website's control panel.

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Eco friendly ink cartridge refill services

Ink Spot Stores
Since Feburary 2011

Problem: Ink Spot needed an updated look and feel to their website and the ability to announce new locations as they open.

Solution: We created a design that reflected a printer cartridge company with an eco friendly stance. Now the customer can send out newsletters everytime he adds a new location using our Freedom content management system.

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Rejuvenating antique and traditional timbercraft structures

Tobies Restoration
Since March 2011

Problem: Customer needed a web presence

Solution: We created a web design that reflected the old world style of his framing business with a custom photo album that really showcases his beautiful work.

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Children lovingly cared for

St Peter's Home
Since May 1, 2004
Redesigned October 1, 2009

Problem: A well run day care facility, but their site was very outdated, gave basic information about their services, but the staff had no ability to keep their content fresh and interesting.

Solution: A new look was created using our Freedom platform and the site now has more photos of the children at play, updated registration forms, a new lunch menu and events calendar. We also added eCommerce so parents can pay their tuition online in the near future.

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Awesome Korean cuisine, and the freshest sushi in New Hampshire

Shira Kiku Restaurant
Since June 1, 2009

Problem: No web presence. 

Solution: We designed a simple and attractive website using rotating javascript to show off authentic Korean and Japanese cousine.  We also integrated google mapping, reviews and a facebook plug-in so they could keep in touch with their customers.  Using our Freedom content management solution, allowed Kiku to update their menus and advertise specials instantly.

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Find the help you need when you need it

NH Teen Institute, The Youth Council
Since November 13, 2007

Problem: Needed a site that could be maintained by agency staff, could grow over time as our needs changed and one that allowed parents and volunteers throughout greater Nashua to sign up for programs online.

Solution: Using our Freedom content management solution, allowed The Youth Council and NH Teen Institute to update their contents and keep in touch with volunteers and members.

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