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Hosting Optional Features and Extensions

Linux/UNIX Server Extas

With your Linux or UNIX Server, you have access to a large array of programs that extend the capability and functionality of your Server. These programs are called "extras" and though some were developed by third parties, they are all supported.

Some of the extensions have license agreements that you should make yourself familiar with and agree to. Some extensions may require setup fee and/or usage fees (which are always indicated when applicable).



CPX Control Panel

CPX is the powerful browser based tool Control Panel for our UNIX/LINUX Server users. The easy to use features include uploading files from your computer to your server, copying files, deleting files, renaming files, editing files and administration tasks such as adding and managing subhosts* or email accounts*. And you can use it to read your email online with your browser, just like a Hotline or Gmail mail account. Click here for more information.

URCHIN Server Traffic Analysis

Urchin is an extremely high-performance website and webserver visitor analysis and reporting system that tells you everything you need to know about the traffic to your site and server. When used with our Miva Merchant eCommerce Servers, the revolutionary e-Urchin Return On Investment Reporting module, enables webmasters to view all of Urchin's reports in terms of actual dollars spent on their site! You  view traffic in terms of visitors - and true buyer behavior. Click here for more information.

Accrisoft FREEDOM

Accrisoft Freedom allows your team to effortlessly create and update web content any time. Businesses are demanding more ongoing control over web content, but need help managing their sites and maintaining up todate content. Build powerful interactive websites with simple tools that makes it easy to create and post compelling content. Now there is no need for you to know any HTML whatsoever! Learn more here.

MIVA Merchant

With Miva Merchant shopping cart software your online store will have unlimited potential with unprecedented power, flexibility and ease of use. Miva Merchant ecommerce software is designed for success and provides you with access to all the tools you need to develop, maintain, and grow a thriving online store. Click for more information.


Our EZspamcure  provides highly effective email protection services to large enterprises, small businesses, governmental and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and Internet service providers. No software to install -- works with virtually any email software including MS Exchange servers and Internet based applications. Click to learn more.


MySQL is a true multi-user, multi-threaded SQL relational database management system. It is specifically designed to be a fast, robust, and easy to use database solution.

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor server-side scripting language to write scripts and include them directly in html files.


Providing similar functionality to that of miva, PHP or " This speeds up the overall performance of your web pages since the overhead of forking Perl several times has been eliminated.

* Some feature are only available on those servers that support specific functions.

Additional Resources

Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce)
We have a comprehensive selection of software resources which offer you the ability to conduct electronic commerce. In our web pages dedicated to Ecommerce, you will find discussion about SSL and Digital Certificates, Shopping Cart Systems, and Transaction Processing.

CGI Library
The Internet Business Advantage CGI library was created to offer basic CGI script solutions to our customers. The CGI library includes friendly advice and help setting up CGI scripts such as imagemaps, send comments forms, guestlists, search engines, counters, and more. The scripts are absolutely free and include source code.

Java Applets and Java Script
Because Java applets are platform-independent, the UNIX Advanced Server is quite capable of supporting pre-compiled Java classes. Internet Business Advantage also provides its clients with a Java Bytecode Compiler, a Java Virtual Machine (Interpreter) and "Just-In-Time" Compiler, as well as toba - a Java Native or "Way Ahead of Time" Compiler. A compilation of some classic and useful Java applets is available in the Internet Business Advantage Java Applet Library. Some very useful scripts are also cataloged in the library.