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Advanced Virtual Servers

Introducing Our Advanced Series 3 Hosting Solution

The Power and Advantages of Dedicated Hosting for the Price of Shared. Our Series 2 is a breakthrough Web hosting platform that looks and performs much like a dedicated server, with a price tag comparable to many shared server solutions. This is a one-of-a-kind Web hosting product that’s ideal for businesses with big needs, small budgets and limited internal IT resources.

Packed with Features
In order to match every feature, you’d have to spend hundreds of dollars elsewhere. Here’s what’s included:

Standard Features
* Ample disk space
* No bandwidth charges
* Root access
* Multiple domain hosting
* Dedicated IP Address
* Full shell access (SSH or Telnet)
* SSL (includes a shared SSL certificate)
* Multiple users (with shell, web, ftp and/or email privileges)
* Web-based control panel (Imanager)
* Urchin Advanced Site Statistics
* Private Apache Web server, plus Apache modules
* Full CGI capability
* Complete access to server logs
* Software package library (including Urchin, MySQL, FP 2002, Miva Empresa, PHP and more)
* Comprehensive Administrative Handbook

Technology Features
* Stand-alone server
o Independent filesystem (own processes, applications, users, and files)
o Dedicated IP address and hostname, Additonal IPs available
o Access to all ports
* Multiple user support
o Multiple user support with unique user id (enables multiple shell accounts)
o Per-user disk quotas
o Configurable privileges (shell, web, ftp, and/or email)
o User and group management
* Access to FreeBSD Ports Collection
* Robust security - Software Firewall
* Fair share technology
o Promotes consistent performance and security by protecting resources allocated

Email Features
* Unlimited POP/IMAP email accounts
* Unlimited email aliases
* Autoresponder support
* SSL email encryption & PGP
* Unauthorized relay protection
* Configurable SMTP, POP, and IMAP servers
* Mailing list support
* TWIG web-based email & calendaring
* Anti-spam programs (procmail, SpamAssassin, etc.)

FTP Features
* Private ProFTPd server
* Access to configuration file
* Unlimited FTP users
* Anonymous FTP access
* SFTP support

Customization Features
* Freedom to install applications of your choice
* Access to configuration files for system and applications
* Access to FreeBSD Ports Collection
* Configurable user privileges

Application Features
* E-Commerce
o SSL and Secure Certificates*
o Miva Merchant**
o Merchant Payment Center*
* Web Development Tools & Languages
o PHP4, PHP5, mod_php
o Miva Empresa
o Perl, mod_perl
o Zope
o Python, Tcl, Ruby
o Compilers for C, C++, and Java
* Database Solutions
o PostgreSQL

Managed Service Features
* State-of-the art data centers
* Hardware maintenance and upgrades on powerful Intel-based hardware
* Software updates, upgrades, and security patches
* Triple data backup
* 24/7 monitoring of data centers, network, and servers
* 24/7 monitoring ensure your business' stability guaranteed
* Managed security including security-hardened operating system and applications
* Domain name registration and DNS management*
* Extensive documentation and Administrative Handbook

* Additional fee required.
** Additional license fees may be required.

Specifications: Basic Standard Corporate Enterprise
Disk Space: 10 GB 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB
Data Transfer: No charge No charge No charge No charge
User Accounts: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mailboxes: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Domains 5 (plus siblings)
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Root Access: Yes Yes Yes Yes







More Information
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