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Miva Merchant Shopping Cart


Accrisoft Freedom eCommerce

Over 50,000 stores use Miva Merchant shopping cart software!

Built for the serious Internet marketeer, MIVA's powerful built-in features coupled with nearly one hundred add-on modules can handle the most demanding store requirements while providing the customer with the ultimate shopping experience.

Miva Merchant shopping cart software gives you unlimited design power and you never pay a percentage of sales like some other eCommerce hosting solutions. And with our scalable hosting platform, PCI complience monitoring, and optional SEO services you never need to worry about out growing your online store. 

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Accrisoft’s Freedom website empowerment software takes content management to a whole new level.

Our e-commerce module is a powerful feature that allows any website to become a virtual storefront, allowing users to sell items directly to customers and complete entire transactions from a single point.

Accrisoft’s eCommerce system also allows users to store orders, tax rates, payment statuses, and customer information, and it integrates with many other Freedom modules such as Forms, Membership and Email Marketing to create a rich user experience.

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