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Accept Credit Cards in Your Store

You Need Credit Card Acceptance and Processing!

Your business cannot compete without offering secure online credit card acceptance. It's a fact, adding credit card acceptance is the proven fastest way to turn shoppers into buyers. Our Merchant Account programs offer the best solutions and express processing of your application. Jenica Media Services, Inc. complete E-Commerce Websites with Mobile features and Mobile Swipe applications.

An Economical One Stop Solution

Jenica In-Store and E-Commerce Merchant Acounts
A powerful comprehensive program to allow Online Merchants to accept credit card payments for their goods and services. These merchant accounts are available for both in-store and for Internet sales and include a FREE virtual termional and/or a FREE Internet payment gateway.

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Understanding Merchant Accounts
A merchant account is a special financial account that allows you to accept credit card payments from your customers. When you establish a merchant account, the merchant bank will contract with a third-party clearinghouse, called a "merchant processor". An Internet merchant will also need to have a "payment gateway" service to deliver the credit card information to the merchant processor. An added feature for Mail/Order and Telephone sales organizations is our FREE virtual terminal which turns any PC into a terminal swipe machine securing and transferring the data to the processor and back. After the transactions are cleared, the funds are deposited to your existing business checking account.

How does this work?
The Swipe machine, virtual terminal or payment gateway is connected to the processor and the credit card information is automatically transferred. The processor is connected to the issuing and merchant bank. This is how the transaction is approved. Finally the merchant bank is connected to your existing checking account and the money is deposited ready for you to use.

FREE Virtual Terminal
Our FREE Virtual Terminal allows our merchants to process transactions from any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. It provides one secure location where merchants can manage everything related to credit card transaction processing.

How Does It Work?

  • STEP 1: Connect to the Virtual Terminal Interface through any web-based browser using the internet.
  • STEP 2: Complete the form that provides the system with the transaction information.
  • STEP 3: The information is then encrypted using the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and is sent to a host server.
  • STEP 4: The server then sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer's bank using a secure, proprietary connection.
  • STEP 5: When the process is complete, the merchant will receive an authorization number, and the server stores the transaction. Transactions are automatically settled each day and are funded within 48-72 hours.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Internet based companies
  • Mail Order/Telephone order companies
  • Any merchant that has access to the Internet

MSC Virtual Terminal Advantages:

  • It's FREE, to our Merchants!
  • Accept a variety of payments
  • Multiple users can have access at the same time
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Secure, Fast Authorizations
  • CISP/PCI Certified

Our FREE Virtual Terminal solution eliminates the need for expensive terminals, as the included virtual terminal can process transactions right from your computer. The Virtual Terminal supports all the common features of a standard terminal such as Sales, Returns, Voids and Ticket-Only. With the Virtual Terminal you don't need to worry about losing transactions due to terminal failure, you don't even need to worry about batching out each night. All transactions are safely and securely stored on our state-of-the-art system.

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