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Technical Assistance


Use the following links to request help, answer questions and learn how to get the most from your Internet presence.

Technical Support - Help Desk - Use this link to request assistance and report problems with your web site, email, databases, ecommerce or online shopping cart. You may also use this link to report accounting or sales issues or to request changes to your domain name or hosting plans. However, if you are the owner or manager of a domain, use the link below instead and you will also have the opportunity to review certain information online to include in your request.

Remote Technical Support
If you are having trouble setting up email or using one of the advanced features available with our websites, we can now offer you Remote Technical Support. If you are using recent Windows, Apple or Linux systems on your computer our Remote Support System will allow us to attach to your computer and make the changes for you. Ask your support technician if remote support is appropriate for your problem.  

Billing, Sales and Accounting Assistance - Web site and domain name owners may use this link to get assistance with billing and sales issues and to request changes to their domain name properties and hosting services. After reviewing your information online your request may be tracked automatically by our 'Help Desk'


Online help, instructions and documentation to help you use and manage your hosting email, content management and ecommerce plans.

Email Clients - How to setup your computers to use your email accounts.

EZ SpamCure - How to setup our add-on spam filtering product. Also, see our EZ SpamCure Reporting Spam Tutorial

Control Panels and Web Mail - Instructions on using your control panel to manage your website, your users and web mail.

Advance UNIX Hosting - Manage domains, multiple users, access advance features and install additionsl software.

Windows Hosting - Documentation and information specifically for Windows based hosting plans.

Content Management Systems - Instructions on using the various content management tools that are available on many of our hosting plans.

Online Shopping Cart Management - How to use and manage your online shopping cart program.