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New Telephone Number

After nearly two decades we have found it neccessary to change our main number. We can now be reached at (603) 943-5680. Voicemail is available on these lines but please note that for the fastest response to support and customer service issues can be had by using our online contact services. We provide a robust trouble ticket system and customer contact forms. See our contact us page for full information.

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Back to Normal

We are pleased to report that we have identified and corrected the issues that we encountered during the migration to a new data center operator. We regret the inconvenience this has caused our customers.

In hind sight we should not have trusted the optimistic expectations provided to us by the new data center management, however, now that we have rebuilt almost all our customers emails and fixed hundreds of problems from DNS settings to missing files, the operation of the new servers is very good. Response is fast and overall reliability has been excellent. 

While we believe we have identified and corrected all the problems there is always a possibility we have missed something. Therefore we urge all our customers to carefully review there websites and to put in a support ticket if they find any anomalies.

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Important Changes To Your Web Site Underway

Important changes to your website underway.  Do to changes at our data center all of our servers are moving to a new platform. The benefits included increased performance and reliability. We are expecting that the move will be transparent however there is always the possibility for issues to arise.

Here is what to expect: Most customers using our Freedom web empowerment platform have already been moved to new servers and upgraded. The public face of your website should look the same but you may have noticed that your back-end has a new look and ease of use. Your Email is still hosted on the old platform and you will be advised when it is moved. Non Freedom users will be migrated shortly.

For some websites changes to your email client login and passwords may be required. While we had hoped that migration of email accounts would be completely transparent, difference in the technologies will not allow for fully automatic migration. As a result it will be necessary for users to change their email client configuration and update their passwords. When your website is migrated you will receive new passwords and instructions.

Customers who have registered their domains through us will have no further action to take. However if you have registered your domain name through another registrar, GoDaddy or Network Solutions for example, you will need to update your name server delegation. Customers who fall into that category will receive additional instructions.

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