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The Workflow module lets you create a workflow process with editorial approval for additions and changes to web pages in the Web Pages module of the Blue interface. This module works with the users and groups in the Security module to configure the workflow approval process.

This module lets a large organization manage how content gets added to the website so that the content is reviewed by one or more editors before the content appears on the live website. This helps you manage how content is added, changed, or removed from the website.

When you set up workflow approval for a website, you do this by setting up groups of users in the Security module. The workflow approval process is configured by security group. All users in the same group have the same workflow approval process. However, the approval of content is done by individual users, not groups. You set the approval process for a group of users, then specify the users that must approve the content before it is published. You can have as many as four editorial reviews before the content is published. The last editor in the approval process is the one that finally publishes the content.


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