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EzSpamCure provides highly effective email protection services to large enterprises, small businesses, governmental and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and Internet service providers.

As a managed service, EzSpamCure is compatible with any email system and can be implemented rapidly. Independently proven to be more accurate than other solutions, EzSpamCure's industry-leading technology ensures the optimal filtering of unwanted or harmful messages. At the same time, EzSpamCure's customizable management interface and innovative features such as one-click whitelisting assure that the solution is both simple to deploy and extremely easy to maintain.

Highly Scalable
Offering the same industry-leading filtering accuracy to both large enterprise and smal business customers, the EzSpamCure solution provides highly effective spam and virus detection, requires absolutely no maintenance, and is completely compatible with all email programs.

Since the EzSpamCure solution is software and hardware free - it's a subscription service - activation involves one simple step, and filtering can begin within minutes after enrollment in a free trial.

That's the advantage of a solution that requires no software or equipment.

Easy to Implement
There is nothing to install, license, or maintain. Since there is no risk - no software to load, no equipment to configure -- there are no upfront, ongoing, or unplanned IT expenses. The cost is purely limited to the number of users who are enrolled in the service. Pricing is based simply on the length of a subscription and the number of users, with an average cost of about six cents per person per day - a cost that includes spam filtering, protection against viruses, and backup mail service. And a free trial of the full solution can be activated in a few minutes.

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