Our EZspamcure provides highly effective email protection services to large enterprises, small businesses, governmental and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and Internet service providers.

No software to install -- works with virtually any email software
including MS Exchange servers and Internet based applications.

Daily Digest - never lose a message.
Receive a list of the junk emails quarantined each day. Release messages you want to your inbox immediately without logging in to a separate web page. One click will add the sender to your whitelist to always allow mail from that sender.

You are the gate keeper - manage the email you receive.
Easy to use whitelists and blacklists let you decide whose email you want to accept no matter what the content is. Add a sender to your whitelist with just one click from your inbox. Blacklists permanently block mail from specific senders even if the mail is not normally considered spam.

Economical - less than the cost of a cup of coffee per user.
Protect everyone's email on your website or in your office for one low price. Add and remove users as needed. One flat charge* for your entire network or domain - never a charge for aliases i.e. sales@domain.com and info@domain.com when they forward to the same user. Add sibling domains (domain.net and domain.org) for common email addresses at no charge.

Keep your website working for YOU.
Even the best web servers can lose performance and bog down with junk mail. Wouldn't you rather use your web server's capacity to serve your visitors? Junk folders also use up valuable disk space and can lead to over quota outages. EZspamcure moves all the spam handling overhead and junk folder space off your server. Works with virtually any mail server including MS Exchange, web mail and Internet mail servers. Nothing to install or change on your server or PC.

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* Pricing based on maximum users service level.