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CPX Control Panel

CPX: Control Panel is a powerful control panel that provides an intuitive web interface to administer your Linux VPS or UNIX servers. Many of the day-to-day account management tasks can be performed through CPX. In addition, CPX also offers a web-based email interface (webmail) and mail management modules.

Through CPX you can manage account services, domains, users, email, files, preferences (such as account time zone), and other settings (such as periodic tasks). One of the key benefits of CPX is how it empowers subhosting. CPX was designed in a tiered model giving you the ability to create Domain Administrators with End User management control. This allows each subhost and its respective End Users the ability to setup and control their own accounts. This also gives you the ability to create Mail Administrators with End User email management control. This allows each Mail Administrator the ability to seutp and control email for a subhost.

*Level of administrative privileges depends on your hosting plan.

CPX includes the following features:

  • File Management

The file management module allows you to navigate through directories, view and edit text files, download and upload files, create or delete files and directories, rename or move files and directories, and view and edit permissions.

  • Webmail

A full-featured email management interface to read, store and compose email, manage folders, apply spam filters, store contact information, and manage autoresponders.

  • User Management

The user management module allows you to add or delete users, manage domain admin accounts, and view the status of user accounts.

  • Domain Management

Manage your domains easily with the ability to add or delete subhosts, set limits on the number of users and email accounts, manage logs, and setup catchall email rules.

  • Mail Management

This module provides the management of email so you can easily add or delete email aliases, edit account settings, or even setup broadcast lists.

  • Profile and Preferences

Customize your settings to your personal preferences. Change your password, shell, and the date/time display for your account.