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Urchin Traffic and Ecommerce Statistics

Hosted version of Google Analytics

Urchin is the fastest website/webserver visitor-reporting package on the market. It offers complete, intuitive and easy-to-read reports on a wide spectrum of parameters that are indispensable to anyone interested in the design, marketing or hosting of a website.

Urchin reports on which links and search engines brought people to your site, top keywords used, how users are navigating through your site, and much more. The e-Urchin component correlates all reported visitor parameters with actual dollars spent on your site, so you'll know which marketing moves are paying off and which aren't.

Urchin is ideal for all websites including high-traffic Fortune 500 company websites, major hosting operations, hobbyists, and everyone in between. It can report in ten languages, including double-byte languages (Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese). Urchin has minimal system requirements, incredible back-end performance and allows hosts the ability to centrally monitor load balancing and other important network traffic factors.

Miva Merchant supports the e-Urchin Log Format. Add Urchin to your store and you've got True ROI Reporting!
Intuitive, browser-based reports.  Reporting capabilities meet the most advanced needs, but are simple enough for the novice with instantly familiar navigation, including referrals, search engine keywords, and click-through visitor navigation reports..
ECommerce Reporting Quantified''s e-Urchin e-commerce module is the first dollar-based website traffic reporting system to provide precise revenue reporting in conjunction with normal web traffic analysis. See return on investments!
Reverse DNS Lookup: Proprietary reverse DNS system takes the numeric IP addresses of the visitors to your site (ex. and converts them into meaningful domain and network names, such as or 
Built-in help sections.  Comprehensive help screens with links to more detailed descriptions. Increases user comprehension and reduces technical support overhead.
Exportable data feature.  Allows for further analysis of data. Lets users export any report in tab-separated form for use in database and spreadsheet applications.
Date-range functionality.  Users can select any date-range necessary to monitor the results of their marketing or sales efforts. Reports by day, week, month, year, or a user-specified time period.
Username report Detects and reports on authenticated users to password-protected areas of a website.
Multilingual functionality:  Urchin reports can be switched on the fly to meet the needs of multilingual organizations. Urchin reports in 10 languages, including double-byte languages such as Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese.
Dynamic URL filtering Lets administrators configure Urchin to capture and report on custom parameters used by dynamic content generators.