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The News Articles module lets you add news articles to your website to communicate important information to your site visitors. These articles can contain information on any subject you want to add to your site and can include pictures that enhance the quality of the article. For example, you might add news articles to communicate press releases, organization news, job openings, or any other topic that you want your visitors to read. You can use this module to create new news articles, edit existing articles, or remove old articles from your site.

When you add news articles, the information is automatically formatted with other previous news articles so the newer articles replace older articles. As you add new news articles to the website, older articles are automatically arranged so that the new news articles are always listed first in the list of news articles.

You can also set the release date of a news article to have the system automatically display the news article on the day you specify. This feature lets you add news articles days, weeks, and months ahead of time.

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