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Premier Data Center

You can’t do business on the Web if you’re Website isn’t up and running 24/7

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Give Your Web Server the Home It Deserves
If you are committed to doing business on the Internet, sooner or later you face important decisions. Where do you locate your server? Who manages your Internet operations? You need a safe, secure environment to support and maintain your mission critical Internet applications.

Uniquely Qualified to Maximize Your Internet Performance
Partnered with the nationally recognized business Internet leader and the world’s #1 Web hosting solutions provider, we answers your Internet hosting needs with our Premier Data Centers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
Place your server in an environment uniquely engineered for ultra reliable operations. Our Premier Data Centers feature redundant uninterruptible power supplies, multiple redundant back-up generators, fire suppression, raised floors, HVAC, separate cooling zones, humidity control and multiple levels of security.

Superior Network Reliability
Each Premier Data Center is connected to a high performance Tier One national network, which features a high capacity national backbone, 24-hour monitoring from a fully manned Network Operations Center, and superior engineering support services.

Accelerated Time to Market
Handling your own complex server needs requires the integration of multiple design and engineering disciplines. It also requires space, lots of money and lots of time - time that could be spent doing business online with customers. Using our Premier Data Centers, your Internet applications can be up and running quickly, and at a fraction of the cost.

How fast do you want to grow? Our Premier Data Centers enable fast expansion to meet your bandwidth and space needs. There’s no need to wait for the provisioning of larger telco lines to your business location.

Advanced Managed Services
Premier Data Centers have a full suite of managed services to help enhance your productivity and give you peace of mind. Under the watchful eyes of state of the art management system, the critical applications of your business will be secure and maintain the highest level of performance and availability.