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Banner Ads

The Banner Ads module lets you add, maintain, and organize the banner ads on the website. Banner ads let you advertise other companies, organizations, and other groups through pictures that visitors can click on to go the webs site of the company organization or group. You can also use banner ads to provide a quick link to a specific part of the website such as a web page, news article, or event.

Banner ads provide a means to generate income through a website by charging organizations to display their banners ads on the website. The banners ads on the website automatically change each time a user clicks on a menu item or link to navigate through website.

You can track statistics on banners ads, such as how many times visitors have clicked on a particular banner. You can also track which banner ads are receiving the most clicks.

When you add banner ads to the website, you can organize banner ads into groups so that the system only rotates between a select number of banner ads. The website can display any number of banner ads in different positions of a web page.

You can also target banner ads for visitors by specifying that specific banner ads appear on specific pages of the to site. For example, you can display restaurant banner ads on a web page that contains a review of local restaurants.

You can also target banner ads to visitors by specifying that specific banners ads appear on specific modules of the website. For example, you can display restaurant banner ads in a dining guide directory.

Click here to view the live website with these banner ads.


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