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Accept Credit Cards

You Need Online Credit Card Acceptance and Processing!

Your Internet business cannot compete without offering secure online credit card acceptance. It's a fact, adding credit card acceptance is the proven fastest way to turn shoppers into buyers. Our eCommerce merchant's services programs offer the best solutions and express processing of your application. Jenica Media Services also offers scaleable web hosting solutions for today with the features you will need for tomorrow. Our web hosting services range from economical shared solutions, to powerful fully customizable servers capable of hosting the most demanding enterprise and E-Commerce sites.

An Economical One Stop Solution

Jenica eCommerce Credit Card Processing Solutions
A powerful  comprehensive program to allow Online Merchants to accept credit card payments for their goods and services. These merchant accounts are specifically for Internet sales and include an Internet payment gateway.

Understanding Merchant Accounts
A merchant account is a special financial account that allows you to accept credit card payments from your customers. When you establish a merchant account, the merchant bank will contract with a third-party clearinghouse, called a "merchant processor". As an Internet merchant you will need to have a "gateway" service to deliver the credit card information to the merchant processor. The gateway service acts as a terminal swipe machine securing and transferring the data between your online transactions to the processor and back. After the transactions are cleared the funds are deposited to your existing business checking account.

How does this work?
The order form is connected to the gateway. If you are using our Miva Merchant complete eCommerce solution, the gateway and order form are part of the package. The gateway is connected to the processor and the credit card information is automatically transferred from your order form. The processor is connected to the issuing and merchant bank. This is how the transaction is approved. Finally the merchant bank is connected to your existing checking account and the money is deposited ready for you to use. And, we can even transfer the sales information automatically to your Accounting System!